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Yachtcharter in Sardegna

The "Costa Smeralda", the emerald coast in the northeast of Sardegna, is one of touristical and nautical top-hot-spots to visit for a yachtsailor, no matter, if on your own keel or on a chartered monohull or catamaran! International flights to the airports of Olbia (35-65 km) and Alghero (100 km) make it easy to get there.
Alghero has own charterfleets as well.
Most boats, however, are offered from the northeastern coast, because this area offers calm but steady conditions, beautifull bays, nice islands, possibility to switch over to nearby Corsica and everywhere a well developed nautical infrastructure and the advantage of being close to an airport location (Olbia).

As charteragents, we regularily visit the charterbases in the mediterranean sea, but the trip to Sardegna is always the most desired one for our agents and base auditors! We offer a range of selected high quality small 32 up to 54 ft. monohull Bareboat-charteryachts and several Catamarans.

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Selected boat list Charter Sardegna - for specific dates and charterperiods please use yacht searchengine above righthanded

Bavaria 33.2 Cruiser - Sardegna-Alghero
Bavaria 37.3 Cruiser - Sardegna-Alghero
Bavaria 38.3 - Sardegna-Alghero
Bavaria 44.4 - Sardegna-Alghero
Bavaria 44.4 - Sardegna-Alghero
First 33.7 - Sardegna-Cannigione
Hanse 430 - Sardegna-Cannigione
Oceanis 473.4 - Sardegna-Cannigione
Oceanis 411 - Sardegna-Cannigione
Oceanis 523.3 (inkl. Skipper) - Sardegna-Cannigione
Oceanis 423.3 - Sardegna-Cannigione
Oceanis 381 - Sardegna-Cannigione
Hanse 540 4+1 Cab - Sardegna-Cannigione
Oceanis 43 4 cabin - Sardegna-Cannigione
Oceanis 411 - Sardegna-Cannigione
Oceanis 473.4 - Sardegna-La Maddalena
Oceanis 473.4 - Sardegna-La Maddalena
Oceanis 473 4 cabin - Sardegna-La Maddalena
Beneteau 50 - Sardegna-La Maddalena
Kat Lagoon 380 - Sardegna-La Maddalena
Kat Lagoon 410 - Sardegna-La Maddalena
Kat Lagoon 410 - Sardegna-La Maddalena
Kat Lagoon 380 - Sardegna-La Maddalena
Oceanis 311 2 - Sardegna-Sta.Teresa di Gallura
Oceanis 343 Clipper 3cab - Sardegna-Sta.Teresa di Gallura
Oceanis 393.3 - Sardegna-Sta.Teresa di Gallura
Oceanis 411 - Sardegna-Sta.Teresa di Gallura
Oceanis 411 - Sardegna-Sta.Teresa di Gallura
Kat Lavezzi 40 - Sardegna-Sta.Teresa di Gallura
Kat Belize 43.4 - Sardegna-Sta.Teresa di Gallura
Oceanis 323 - Sardegna-Sta.Teresa di Gallura
Oceanis 473.4 - Sardegna-Sta.Teresa di Gallura